Hey there~! lolx
Just another brief update.

From the previous post till now, one word to describe what's goin on through the time interval:

Learning. =)

Learning music.
Learning to teach.
Learning to relate with different people.
Learning to manage time.
Learning to give and take.
And again, learning music. haha

And classical guitar is actually FUN~!

Ok, back to learning. :)

Changed my home guitar string to nylon strings =D

And yes, I screwed my Project 365.
Oh well, not much of a concern now.



Please bear with me.

I'm in the transition period towards my working life.

I've slacked in my Project 365.

And I've slacked in my spiritual journal as well.


I'm slacking in this blog and even Skype as well.

I'll be back soon.. hopefully ~

So again, bear with me.  ^_^

Everything is fine by the way.

I'm just too excited with my work.

And I messed up my time management because of that.


Cheerz.  =D

Lack of post

I've been posting relatively very few times lately... yes... relatively (compare to previous months).


1.  My broadband reached its quota two weeks ago.  So, I'm deprived of Youtube videos and other updates/news.

2.  I got exam and have to study for it. (I got 3 papers)

3.  I have to train my guitar skills to be a better teacher.

4.  More time are spent on reflections since I started my spiritual journal.  And some blog contents are transfered to the journal instead.


Vampire vs AIDS

I was reading/studying/revising for Environment paper tomorrow and happened to stumble upon this article:

I laughed non-stop~!
Seriously funny~

So... vampires are vulnerable to AIDS, eh?... Thanks for the info. xD

For those taking Environment paper as well,
this is part of Dr Suffian's notes.

Page 3.

Check it out.  The same word is repeated on the next paragraph as well.

And all the best to all you vampires taking Environment paper tomorrow~! 

ADD: Didnt get it? The intended word was "such".


I've been getting questions on why I don't get a job related to civil engineering.

Firstly, remember our old friends Socrates, Plato, Aristotle? The ones we learnt last time in our Sejarah. Remember them? Ok...  Aristotle majors in  physics, metaphysics, poetry, theater, music, logic, rhetoric, politics, government, ethics, biology, and zoology.

My point? Life is about learning. And I came to learn.

Secondly, I'll give an analogy. Let's say you got some time and interest to learn basketball. So, you asked some friends to teach you to play basketball.  Then, after some time of training and practicing, you gained some good skills in basketball.

Does that mean you have to work as a professional basketball player after that?

The skill that you obtained will be used when you play basketball.  Same goes to engineering.  I came to learn civil engineering. And I've learnt a lot.  Does that mean I have to work as an engineer?

"But you spent so much time and money to learn wor.."  Yes, of course. So, I'll work to pay back what I've spent. But still, that doesn't mean that I need to work as an engineer. As for the time spent, it's never a waste, simply because I learnt, and I appreciate what I learnt all 4 years.

So again, life is about learning and giving. Whatever I learnt, I keep it and use it whenever it is needed.  I came to learn on civil engineering.  Then, the knowledge and skills I get, I kept it within me.  It becomes part of my nature, part of myself. Similar to the basketball skills we learnt.

Whenever we play basketball, we use our basketball skills.  And whenever we face civil engineering situations in our life, we use our civil engineering knowledge to help out.  I don't need to be engineer to contribute to the society.

"What about the pay?"
So, working is for money la?

Ok. Let me give my views. Many people, almost everyone, when they look for job, the first thing they'll ask is how much the company pays you?...

What has the world turned into? For me, if I were to find a job, I'll want to know what interesting projects that I can help out with? Or how I can serve them with what I have.

The pay wont be much of a concern.

If I work, I work to help people, not to get money for myself.

So... looking for jobs that pay high?
Think about this:
Do we even deserve such pay?
What's your motive of working?
For yourself?

Have we been brainwashed into kiasu-ness?