Lack of post

I've been posting relatively very few times lately... yes... relatively (compare to previous months).


1.  My broadband reached its quota two weeks ago.  So, I'm deprived of Youtube videos and other updates/news.

2.  I got exam and have to study for it. (I got 3 papers)

3.  I have to train my guitar skills to be a better teacher.

4.  More time are spent on reflections since I started my spiritual journal.  And some blog contents are transfered to the journal instead.


Vampire vs AIDS

I was reading/studying/revising for Environment paper tomorrow and happened to stumble upon this article:

I laughed non-stop~!
Seriously funny~

So... vampires are vulnerable to AIDS, eh?... Thanks for the info. xD

For those taking Environment paper as well,
this is part of Dr Suffian's notes.

Page 3.

Check it out.  The same word is repeated on the next paragraph as well.

And all the best to all you vampires taking Environment paper tomorrow~! 

ADD: Didnt get it? The intended word was "such".


I've been getting questions on why I don't get a job related to civil engineering.

Firstly, remember our old friends Socrates, Plato, Aristotle? The ones we learnt last time in our Sejarah. Remember them? Ok...  Aristotle majors in  physics, metaphysics, poetry, theater, music, logic, rhetoric, politics, government, ethics, biology, and zoology.

My point? Life is about learning. And I came to learn.

Secondly, I'll give an analogy. Let's say you got some time and interest to learn basketball. So, you asked some friends to teach you to play basketball.  Then, after some time of training and practicing, you gained some good skills in basketball.

Does that mean you have to work as a professional basketball player after that?

The skill that you obtained will be used when you play basketball.  Same goes to engineering.  I came to learn civil engineering. And I've learnt a lot.  Does that mean I have to work as an engineer?

"But you spent so much time and money to learn wor.."  Yes, of course. So, I'll work to pay back what I've spent. But still, that doesn't mean that I need to work as an engineer. As for the time spent, it's never a waste, simply because I learnt, and I appreciate what I learnt all 4 years.

So again, life is about learning and giving. Whatever I learnt, I keep it and use it whenever it is needed.  I came to learn on civil engineering.  Then, the knowledge and skills I get, I kept it within me.  It becomes part of my nature, part of myself. Similar to the basketball skills we learnt.

Whenever we play basketball, we use our basketball skills.  And whenever we face civil engineering situations in our life, we use our civil engineering knowledge to help out.  I don't need to be engineer to contribute to the society.

"What about the pay?"
So, working is for money la?

Ok. Let me give my views. Many people, almost everyone, when they look for job, the first thing they'll ask is how much the company pays you?...

What has the world turned into? For me, if I were to find a job, I'll want to know what interesting projects that I can help out with? Or how I can serve them with what I have.

The pay wont be much of a concern.

If I work, I work to help people, not to get money for myself.

So... looking for jobs that pay high?
Think about this:
Do we even deserve such pay?
What's your motive of working?
For yourself?

Have we been brainwashed into kiasu-ness?

Spiritual Journal

Finally, I started my personal spiritual journal, after being inspired by this simple site:

Started on Thursday. So, today will be the 5th day already~ :D
And I trust that God will motivate me to keep going on.~
So, all the best to me.. hehe.. and my spiritual journey =)

Father God, lead me as I continue to seek You more and more.


Project 365: #84-89 - Nothing, really.

#84-Apr14:  Dinner at KFC

#85-Apr15:  Kittehz on the stairs, at hostel. :D

#86-Apr16:  Yellow slime in use. :)

#87-Apr17:  FYP plastic cover cut my hand.. zzz.. 

#88-Apr18:  Dinner at Hotel Damai

#89-Apr19:  Finally they built cloth hangars for those staying ground floor.

What is Project 365?  Read here.


May 23.. mark this date.. seriously!

God is gonna shake the earth again.

Prophecy from Cindy Jacobs:

This is what the Lord spoke to me yesterday (April 5th, 2010), “Cindy, Pentecost.  Check out the dates for this year’s Pentecost and call my people to cry out on that date.”
Pentecost this year is May 23 and it is an unusual one in that there is a convergence of the eastern and western traditions with the celebration being held on the same date.  This does happen, but rarely.  Then I noted that the last Global Day of Prayer event (these prayer meetings have been going on for ten years and this is the last one), will be held on Pentecost Sunday in Capetown, South Africa.
God wants His winds of Pentecost to blow at Pentecost.  The Lord says, “I want my people to pray in a new Pentecost that will sweep the face of the earth for I am coming with divine visitation that will touch heaven and earth.  Many will be swept into the Kingdom of God and my glory will pour our with signs and wonders both in heaven and the earth!
In the Russian Orthodox tradition, the night of Pentecost called for a special “Kneeling Prayer” service in which everyone makes a full prostration, touching their foreheads to the floor.
Let’s all participate and call for a day of fasting and prayer as the Holy Spirit is speaking and a Pentecost of wind, fire, and glory will break out across the face of the earth in unusual ways.

Pentecost is coming back ~!
Be on your guard !
Repent, for the kingdom of God is near.

PLEASE read the full article here.



I just thought of something..
Recently, the hot season is back.
And afternoons are the hottest hours.
And computers and laptops contribute further towards the heat (a lot actually).
So, I may as well shut down my laptop and do something else.
But not sleep, kay...  xD

So, yeap.. gonna start adapting this habit now.
Gonna be saving energy more and more~
And reducing the surrounding heat.

So, if u still see me online in the afternoons,
please check on me... haha.. thanks.

Gonna start now~ another commitment~ :D
Go green!



We all need to carry an attitude of gratitude. We need to count our blessings, because we are not promised tomorrow, but we can be thankful for what we have today. Nothing in this life should be taken for granted, but everything should be seen with perspective. All things work out together for the good in the end if we have faith; even our mistakes, challenges and sufferings make us uniquely who we are and stronger people. Not everyone in this life has been given a fair chance, but let us be thankful for what we have been given and be faithful to our values and convictions. Thank God for family, friends, the blessing of life and always remember to keep a heart of gratitude.
-- Jaeson Ma

Failure indeed.

Messed up ~
- Self pride
- Bad choice of location and time
- Insensitive towards response
- Unwilling to let go
- Wrong timing
- Should listen, not talk
- Self control fail
- Wrong item
- Wrong focus
- Sorry?

Learning in progress...
forgive me...
and thanks for the opportunity.
Again, learning in progress...

* Video as side distraction; somewhat related *

* Video as side distraction. *

No worries tho.
Life goes on ~

Project 365: #77-83 - FAIL?

#77-Apr7:  Thanks CF for such a grand  farewell for seniors this time :D
Awesome work~! Well done~ 
Thanks for such a wonderful, huge personalized gift xx

#78-Apr8:  Finally the little bridge is nearly finished..
connecting the susur gajah to the upcoming new buildings.

#79-Apr9:  See the little wooden pondok there?
The whole thing came on lorry, and the crane just dragged the structure
to its position. The pondok has already been fully constructed at factory.

#80-Apr10 & #81-Apr11:  Failed. No picture because I didnt bring my camera.
Read the previous post.

#82-Apr12:  Watching Glee whole day. 
Read my review at the previous post.

#83-Apr13:  Caught some friends at Old Town as well..


Recently: Work, Glee, EH

I havent been writing much lately. Most of the posts are just things copied and paste, random videos from youtube, and pictures with short labels. So, okay. I'll try to write something now. haha. =)

Firstly, I'll announce that I've just finished the last day of my study life in my Civil Engineering degree~! Last Friday was the last day. But ermm.. there's still final exam to come.. hehe. This week is the study week. Next week will be the first exam week, which I do not have any paper on that week... So, considered two study weeks for me =) Then, the week after that, I'll have all 3 papers together: Saturday, Monday, and last paper on Friday the 30th. Ngam ngam on the last day of the month~ Then, merdeka! lolz~ Meanwhile, for the moment, I still got another thing to hand in... the ultimate artifact.. the hardbound copy of my thesis~! haha. We have to produce 3 hardbound copies + 3 softcopies in CDs. So, yeap.. gonna be producing 'em soon~

Anyway, that was the a glimpse to the coming last days of my university life. I'm not pursuing Masters by the way.. thanks.. 4 years of experience is enough already.. hehe ;)  Then, the second thing is, the past Saturday and Sunday is my first failure for Project 365.  I went back home on Friday night... and I did NOT bring along my camera. So, no pictures for the next two days... plus today itself.. because I basically did nothing today other than watching Glee.. yep.. whole day on Glee.

Ok, on Saturday and Sunday, both days was spent at my future workplace.. hehe.. Jammin' Senzation music school~ Yay.. On Saturday, I got to observe some classes in progress as well as getting used to how the music school operates, seeing little kids having fun, parents coming in and out, meeting other teachers, and just simply hanging out...  And I'm loving the place n the ppl already~! But the salary will be relatively lower abit.. but i dun mind.. as long as I love what I'm doing. On the next day, Sunday, I got the opportunity to teach two classes, one on drums, one on guitar. Both as replacement teacher... hehe.. and it was fun and satisfying =) to be able to help others, to get to know them, and invest in their life..  Overall, I'm definitely going for this path of life.. yayy~

Next, about Glee. I got the first Season from dear friend Hock Siang... and I onli got Episodes 1 to 10. So, today, I watched all the 10 episodes in one shot.  And what I can say is.. Glee is basically a musical drama, very similar to High School Musical...
Musical-wise, it is very recommended for all musician, music lovers, and especially singers... the performances are absolutely awesome~ especially the mash-ups.

But there's a big flaw to the series. Story-wise, the series is a bad example for teens and youths. The story is filled with selfishness, greed, cheating, hatred, disunity, unfaithful love, pointless struggles, bad decision makings, and many other immoral behaviour and thinking.  I know these situations do happen in our regular lives as well.. But this series is exaggerating them too much.. So, overall, Glee is a no-no.. I dont recommend it.. simply because: in everything, our attitude, behaviour, and character should be the highest priority.  However good we are in music, it doesn't matter until we set our virtue and motives right... This series exposes too much of immoralities... So, again, I dont recommend watching it. Thanks.

Anyway..  this is what basically happened in the past few days of my life. =)  I'm back at campus now, and I miss the music school already~ :(


ADD:  And until now, I've kept the habit of keeping my desk light OFF at all times, all days, until now...  Hooray for Earth Hour~ ^_^ ~


ATTENTION: Prophecy came true!

Taken directly from Jaeson Ma's post on Easter Day:

Some of you have heard, but just about an hour ago at 3:40PM in Baja California a massive 7.2 (some say 6.9) earthquake hit. We felt the earthquake at 3:44PM on 4/4 in downtown LA right while I was speaking about God’s coming revival and glory to LA with three friends at a cafe. When the table begin to shake and the ground began to quake, we knew it was not only an earthquake, but a SIGN from heaven that God’s kingdom is coming! I don’t believe anyone needs to be afraid as long as we are walking with God. He gives us warnings in order to prepare us, to protect us because He loves us. We must always live each day as if it were our last, live like were dying, nothing new for anyone who follows Christ as His disciple for He calls us to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him daily… with this recent earthquake on 4/4 Easter my thoughts…
What does this mean? Many people were questioning my prophetic word written on 3/25 about 4.4 Earthquake on 4/4 read here. I never predicted directly in my prophetic word it would happen today, but I alluded to the prophetic confirmations and not mere coincidences that it was possible and that God is coming into Southern California once again with His glory and all flesh would see it. That I believed there was not a coincidence with the 4.4 earthquake occurring at 4:04 and Easter being 4/4 this year. Now that the earthquake has happened on 4/4 here in Southern California…I write this still with a burning heart, but sober mind set.
Here I am, with my heart burning within me as I write this, knowing that we are about to enter into a sweeping move of revival and awakening like this city, this generation has never seen. I spent the whole day yesterday walking the beaches of Malibu praying to my Savior, for I knew that what He revealed to me in that time was significant and a confirmation to the earthquake today….
I am exhorting us and challenging us all, don’t take these supernatural signs as mere coincidence, they didn’t in Biblical times neither should we. In these times, when God reveals His heart and His incoming presence we must meditate on God’s Word and remain holy, humble and hidden…
“Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens.” The words “once more” indicate the removing of what can be shaken—that is, created things—so that what cannot be shaken may remain. Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our “God is a consuming fire.” Hebrews 12:26-29

Please read the full article here.

And read the earlier prophecy on this event.

Reflect on it, and ask God how should we Christians in Malaysia respond to this.
I repeat... this is a serious matter.

Spiritual Gifts - retake

The previous time I took this test was...
I think 2 months ago, maybe?

So, now I retake again.. :D

Click image for clearer view.



Joy of Blessing

Such a joy to be able to bless others with what we have!  In the end, all comes from God, and all returns to God.  Nothing belongs to us.  So, why not share with others what God has given us?  By sharing the things we have, we are actually sharing God's love.

Today, I've blessed around 8 of my friends, directly and indirectly.
So happy~ ^_^
From my previous post.. yes, the Project 365 post.. from that post, I mentioned two gift packages given to two lovely coursemates. Yep, that's the most joyful moment for the day. Really loved both of them~ xx

Other than that, for two other friends, I've given them gifts indirectly...
another two, I blessed them by doing my responsibilities more than their expectation...
and another two I've spent some quality time with them.

Oh ya, just recalled another blessing~
I've blessed the school as well, by cheerfully giving to the printing service although I didn't use it. :D

So, all in all, really thank God for giving me this opportunity to be a blessing to many friends today.
Thank you, Father, for guiding me and working through me.
Give me more opportunities, Lord, to show Your love to others. Lead me, Lord.

The joy of giving:
I have nothing to lose, because I have nothing in the first place.
How can I lose something that do not belong to me in the first place?


Project 365: #71-76 - Life itself

#71-Apr1:  Suddenly I see an emoticon on my guitar..
hmm.. what an April Fool :D

#72-Apr2:  Watch this at Sunway. Much worse than what we expected.
Percy Jackson was better in almost all aspects..

#73-Apr3:  There's a bird at my window~
And there's something in it's mouth xD

#74-Apr4:  Am I actually seeing this? Not just the two basins.
The one at the end is stained as well. So, only left one clean one.

#75-Apr5:  FYP presentation~~ not mine..
Mine has passed earlier in the day.

#76-Apr6:  Gave two gift packages to two lovely coursemates~~

What is Project 365?  Read here.


Yay~ one week of commitment =)

It's now exactly one week after the Earth Hour.
And I have kept my commitment till now.

I did not switch on my table light for one week already~!
And in addition, unlike last time...
now I also switch off my laptop and speakers whenever I'm not using it. :)

And the feeling is.. COOL~
It cools down the heart and cools me down physically (less heat generated)... lolx.

Even now.. 1.30am.. the room light is off..
and I still kept my table light OFF... hehe..
The laptop is bright enough to light up the area around it..
And I'm writing this post now..
with lights only from my laptop  :D


And dont worry about damage to the eyes..
It doesnt work that way..
So far so good..
And I will definitely continue this habit~

Save energy... it has to start somewhere..
Why not ourselves?


Blessed Easter!


Being honest, you can't go wrong

This is taken directly from JMA's website.

It was a special and unpredicted night. I was invited by good friend and mentor Dave Gibbons to go to his home to meet with some key leaders in finance, media/entertainment & social innovation. I thought it would be a dinner with maybe two other parties, instead when we got there it was a living room full of high powered movers and shakers that all had one thing in common… pain.
No one had a clue why we were there specifically, who we were going to meet, but a room full of strangers by the end of the night became knitted at the heart and connected in the spirit. Dave had everyone after dinner share a little bit about themselves, and what was supposed to be a personal and general introduction turned into each person sharing their life story, their personal struggles, how they have failed and how they have also overcome different challenges in their lives. To be honest, I was shocked as one by one each person bared all. Normally, the kind of people in this room would be those in our society whom the normal public would think would have it all together, the fame, the fortune and the influence, instead what became a common thread throughout each person’s sharing was how meaningless, without purpose and empty is a life full of material wealth, but no spiritual wealth.
Tears began to flow as each person shared. When it came time for me to share, instead of sharing from a place of power, I also shared from a place of honest pain. I shared how I mentally, physically and spiritually broke down about 4 years ago, how I almost gave up on being a pastor, gave up on my calling and had so many inner struggles that I could not overcome. I could have shared all my achievements, instead, I’ve learned achievements mean nothing in this life if you don’t have God, if you don’t have friends, if you don’t have peace.
When it came time to pray, the Spirit of God came in power into the room. So many in that place felt like they weren’t good enough for God, or God had forgotten them, or they didn’t even know if God exists, my heart went out to each of them. I was moved with love to pray for each of them and give to each one a prophetic word from God… one man, probably twice my age, broke down into tears and just began to hug me as I prayed for me. He wouldn’t let go, it lasted for more than 20 minutes and I realized all this man needed was God’s love, a hug from his Heavenly Father, in the worlds terms he had everything, but in his soul he was empty and crying out for love and acceptance. In that moment, as we hugged I knew that God was pouring His unconditional love into his heart, after the night was over he was beaming and overjoyed with his wife. God heals.
So many other things happened tonight, but what stood out to me was this… that it’s not in our pride, nor or power that we experience love. But it’s in our pain and our struggle. See, without pain we can’t experience love. When we embrace pain, we can experience compassion. Whether you are rich or poor, everyone is hungry for love and all it takes is someone to be humble, honest and willing to give it.
365 Days of Love: Share with others your pain, be honest with who you really are, empathize with others and love will overcome!
Go there and read the feedbacks to this post.