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I havent been writing much lately. Most of the posts are just things copied and paste, random videos from youtube, and pictures with short labels. So, okay. I'll try to write something now. haha. =)

Firstly, I'll announce that I've just finished the last day of my study life in my Civil Engineering degree~! Last Friday was the last day. But ermm.. there's still final exam to come.. hehe. This week is the study week. Next week will be the first exam week, which I do not have any paper on that week... So, considered two study weeks for me =) Then, the week after that, I'll have all 3 papers together: Saturday, Monday, and last paper on Friday the 30th. Ngam ngam on the last day of the month~ Then, merdeka! lolz~ Meanwhile, for the moment, I still got another thing to hand in... the ultimate artifact.. the hardbound copy of my thesis~! haha. We have to produce 3 hardbound copies + 3 softcopies in CDs. So, yeap.. gonna be producing 'em soon~

Anyway, that was the a glimpse to the coming last days of my university life. I'm not pursuing Masters by the way.. thanks.. 4 years of experience is enough already.. hehe ;)  Then, the second thing is, the past Saturday and Sunday is my first failure for Project 365.  I went back home on Friday night... and I did NOT bring along my camera. So, no pictures for the next two days... plus today itself.. because I basically did nothing today other than watching Glee.. yep.. whole day on Glee.

Ok, on Saturday and Sunday, both days was spent at my future workplace.. hehe.. Jammin' Senzation music school~ Yay.. On Saturday, I got to observe some classes in progress as well as getting used to how the music school operates, seeing little kids having fun, parents coming in and out, meeting other teachers, and just simply hanging out...  And I'm loving the place n the ppl already~! But the salary will be relatively lower abit.. but i dun mind.. as long as I love what I'm doing. On the next day, Sunday, I got the opportunity to teach two classes, one on drums, one on guitar. Both as replacement teacher... hehe.. and it was fun and satisfying =) to be able to help others, to get to know them, and invest in their life..  Overall, I'm definitely going for this path of life.. yayy~

Next, about Glee. I got the first Season from dear friend Hock Siang... and I onli got Episodes 1 to 10. So, today, I watched all the 10 episodes in one shot.  And what I can say is.. Glee is basically a musical drama, very similar to High School Musical...
Musical-wise, it is very recommended for all musician, music lovers, and especially singers... the performances are absolutely awesome~ especially the mash-ups.

But there's a big flaw to the series. Story-wise, the series is a bad example for teens and youths. The story is filled with selfishness, greed, cheating, hatred, disunity, unfaithful love, pointless struggles, bad decision makings, and many other immoral behaviour and thinking.  I know these situations do happen in our regular lives as well.. But this series is exaggerating them too much.. So, overall, Glee is a no-no.. I dont recommend it.. simply because: in everything, our attitude, behaviour, and character should be the highest priority.  However good we are in music, it doesn't matter until we set our virtue and motives right... This series exposes too much of immoralities... So, again, I dont recommend watching it. Thanks.

Anyway..  this is what basically happened in the past few days of my life. =)  I'm back at campus now, and I miss the music school already~ :(


ADD:  And until now, I've kept the habit of keeping my desk light OFF at all times, all days, until now...  Hooray for Earth Hour~ ^_^ ~



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