Project 365: #7-10

#7-Jan27: Litlegras 10th Annual Concert! Really awesome this time!
Well done, guys! (picture from Litlegras)

#8-Jan28: Supper just after the concert

#9-Jan29: Editing of Farewell Dedication Song for Zi Min

#10-Jan30: Sending off gathering for Zi Min

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Sending off Zi Min

Few of us were able to be around to send Zi Min off to... home. lol; not Australia. Dont be mistaken. She'll only be leaving for Australia the week after. Anyway, many couldn't make it to the gathering due to the Gua Tempurung trip. Few others went back home for weekends.

Into technical details... the video took 4 hours to edit, adjust, arrange, etc...excluding upload time. I'm not sure about the upload time because i left it uploading, going to bed. Then, for the previous video, the dedication song video, I took 10 to 11 hours straight doing the whole thing... again, excluding upload time.

Anyway, here's the video of the sending-off gathering:

Miss you, Zi Min... -.-,,

Save The World?

I know there's now a lot of dispute regarding the Copenhagen Conference, COP15. I'm not gonna talk about that. Ok. I just saw this video, which is actually the COP15 opening film. The main content is about a girl having a nightmare about natural disasters getting more wild and out of control. After watching it, certain thoughts come to mind.

Nature, though without brain, is far smarter than us humans. We better not play around with nature. When nature retaliates, we are sure to lose. In the end, we are destroying ourselves, not the world. The earth will just recycle itself naturally, in time. We humans cannot.

The tagline in the video was "We have the power to save the world". If "the world" means the people, then it's fine. But, if it's talking about the earth, then I'll simply say that we do not need to be concerned about the earth. The earth is fine, and will always be fine. It has all the antibodies it needs to keep itself from harm. And who harming the earth? We are. We are the virus that causes the earth to activate its antibodies.

So, as you see, we are suppose to save ourselves, not the earth. All the natural events and disasters that we see around us are actually how the earth's defense system work. The earth is protecting itself by destroying us, the virus. Then eventually, the earth will restore to it's equilibrium state again... after it destroys all the virus, which is us. See what's happening?

How about the animals? Animals will be fine. They can detect disasters much earlier than us. We use devices, because our human senses are so limited. Animals, on the other hands, detects with their own senses. They can detect even the slightest abnormality in vibration, pressure, temperature, air flow, etc. And they know where to run to, and they act fast. In the end, we humans are the dumb ones. We sense slow, and we move slow. And we still think of saving "the world", whatever that means to you.

I believe it is better that we think of saving ourselves first. The idea is simple. Just don't be a harmful virus to the earth. The earth's antivirus is much stronger than all of us combined. Be a friend to the earth and the earth will be your friend as well. Anger the earth, and the earth will bring its wrath on you. Pollute the earth and the earth will oppose you. Look at the animals. They did no harm to the earth, and the earth responded likewise. Whenever any disaster occurs, do we hear of dead animal bodies? We see dead humans instead. Whenever we hear of dead animals, it's always due to human activities.

The earth will survive. Animals will survive. Plants will survive. Humans? We better think twice. "Save ourselves from the world", not "Save the world".


I happened to be reading an article on the medical benefits of garlic. There are many great uses of garlic to keep good health and whatnot. Then, near the end of the article, there is this use of garlic:

The strong smell of garlic is reported to repel insects, including mosquitoes. There are two ways to use garlic against bugs: you can keep them out of your yard by spraying a commercially-prepared garlic oil over the grass, or simply keep them from biting you by eating so much garlic that it seeps out through your skin.

And I was like... what? eating so much garlic that it seeps out through your skin.

You'll end up repelling more humans than insects. O_o

Project Fail

Finally I've done a not-so-satisfied-with video recording. haha. It's meant as a farewell dedication for my dear coursemate Zi Min, who will be leaving to Australia for student exchange program; very soon. So, this video was actually done last-minute. The whole videos was produced in about 10 hours. It was done yesterday, the whole thing. I was rushing to record and produce the video, and it took nearly the whole day. So, here's the final outcome. And I'm not actually satisfied with it. lol.

Anyway, to Zi Min, I hope you will enjoy your time there to the fullest, exploring the new place. Take care and keep in contact! We already miss you here.. lol.. even though you haven't left yet.

Ya.. ya.. I'm talking bullshit now. haha.
Anyway, enjoy the video!

I'm still not satisfied. I suck so bad. =.=

Project 365: #6 Reign of rain

If you look closely, this column of rainwater comes from the gutter above,
and it is falling directly on the clothings.
Welcome to USM Nibong Tebal hostel.

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Sick Test

I'm sick now. =(
Fever + headache + sore throat + weak body
Started early this morning.
And what makes me more sick?
I got a test tomorrow, and I have to study for that.
Test on Noise Pollution (Environmental Studies)
Lord, have mercy!


Project 365: #5 Three Only?

Inclusive of drink! (ais kosong aje. :P) RM3! O_o
Welcome to USM Nibong Tebal! xD

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Amazing idea!

"...London is ramping up their own construction plans for the 2012 Olympics. And we just learned this exciting little tidbit about the super sustainable Olympic Stadium currently being built there that makes us even more anxious to see it – it’s going to be made out of recycled guns and knives! That’s right, confiscated weapons from the Metropolitan Police Department are being melted down into scrap metal and used to help build the stadium. That’s an anti-weapons and recycling program all rolled into one!"

How cool is that ?!


AHMIR - No Place Like Home

In dedication to Haiti. Be blessed.

Original song by AHMIR

Verse 1: 
My whole world just started spinning, things that used to work for me no longer work
Feels like I'm back at the beginning of a long race
Trapped inside this long face and sometimes it hurts
Life has a way of shaping us and molding us
Breaking then consoling us, I'm just barely holding up
But I know I gotta grow up, I just wish it wasn't so tough
But all in all, there's nothing like the comfort of home.

There's no place like home,
Everything's so new, really takes some getting used to,
There's no place like home,
Feeling so alone, out here on my own,
There's no place like home,
Gotta clear my mind, make it worth my time,
There's no place like home,
But there's so much here for me, I just gotta believe in me.

Verse 2:
Feels like these walls are closing in on me,
I just wanna give up, but that ain't my style,
Know there's a lesson here, but i can't see,
Know there's a better way, a better card to play,
Does anybody out there feel my pain,
Does anybody out there know my name?
Or am i just the invisible one,
Caught up in memories and visuals of home?

I understand there's a reason, for the things I'm going through,
But I must admit it'd be easier, if I knew exactly what to do,
The more I keep on moving forward, keep on moving onward the more I see,
There's no place like home, and though I'm moving on,
I know home will always be in me.

AHMIR is currently the #1 R&B group on Youtube.
Awesome talents!
Check out their videos!

Go Forth and Blog

VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI has a new commandment for priests struggling to get their message across: Go forth and blog.
Extracted from AP news here.

Yay! Great news! It is good to make use of whatever medium of communications available at the moment, especially the various web social media we have now, which are growing faster and stronger everyday. We have to prepare ourselves for the generations to come, where digital communications will surely dominate the world of communication.
"The spread of multimedia communications and its rich 'menu of options' might make us think it sufficient simply to be present on the Web," but priests are "challenged to proclaim the Gospel by employing the latest generation of audiovisual resources," he said.

Yet, we have to be aware that the devil as well, has already got into the digital world; much earlier than us, and is far more digitally savvy than us mere humans. His has his tricks, traps, schemes and plans all over the digital world as well. So, we must be cautious about this, and learn to control our actions in the digital world.
The 82-year-old pope has often been wary of new media, warning about what he has called the tendency of entertainment media, in particular, to trivialize sex and promote violence, while lamenting that the endless stream of news can make people insensitive to tragedies.

All in all, let us together march into the digital world and spread the message of Love! Yay!

Project 365: #4 Burger

Haven't been taking this for, like 2 months already

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Project 365: #2-3 Gurney

#2-Jan22: Sunset at Penang Bridge

#3-Jan23: On rooftop of Gurney Plaza

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Avatar Rulez?

On Wednesday, Dr Mahathir said there was strong evidence that the Sept 11 attacks on the United States that killed nearly 3,000 could have been “staged” as an excuse to mount attacks on the Muslim world. 
"If they can make Avatar, they can make anything,” Dr Mahathir was quoted as saying.
Extracted from TheStar article here.

I think Dr M might actually be right about this. And I suspect the same theory applies also to the "Allah" incidents (torching of places of worship) here, more so with the recent arson attacks on two suraus. I believe some opportunists are taking advantage of the current situation; playing with peoples' minds and emotions.

Project 365: #1 Rain

Just as I'm about to leave campus for home

I'm Joining Project 365!

Project 365: Take a photo a day and share it with the world. Use any camera (or phone) to achieve a simple photo blog of your life.

Join in, pick up your camera (or your phone) and let’s start documenting the life around us through the lens. Then, share it with the world. It’ll be fun!

I'll start tomorrow! hopefully.. hehe


Although Haiti has a history of being directly involved with the devil and the practising of evil acts, we cannot simply conclude in anyway that the recent disaster is a punishment from God. Even if it is true, it is none of our business; "For the battle is not yours, but God's" (2 Chronicles 20:15). Whatever that is happening in the spiritual realm is beyond our human comprehension, and is not for our concern. Instead, we are to continue to love the people there as our neighbours. For those who still believe the nation deserves to be punished, we are called to love our enemies as well.

Here, I pray Father God, that You break the ancestral bondage from the current generation. Let this generation start fresh again with Your strength and guidance; free from the practices of their ancestors. Have mercy upon them, and be gracious to them, Father God. Give them peace and strength as they endure through these difficult times. Let them work together, live together as a family, and share with one another all the help and aids provided for them; not being greedy.

As for the political powers around, I pray Father God, that You'll take control of them. Do not let them take advantage of this situation for self gain. Instead, let them feel this same situation of being in the shoes of the people in need. I trust in You, Lord, that You are still in control of everything that happened. You ways are always perfect. I commit these people, the nation of Haiti, and the whole situation, into Yours hands.

Thank You, Lord, for all the help, support, and concerns from people throughout the world for the nation of Haiti. Bless them and reward them, O Lord, for all the genuine concerns for these helpless souls. Thank You, Lord, for moving many hearts to bless this nation. Continue to provide for them, Father God; in Jesus' name, Amen.

KlassicMaster is an awesome music talent. Go check out his videos.

Just a Card?

Finally, promotion wins!
Litlegras, for its 10th annual concert this time, came up with such an attractive promotion design! It's just a card, actually. I mean, the ticket to the concert is a name card. But the design is really catchy. And I fall for it. lol.

First, it's a thick card... 250gsm I suppose... or 270gsm? 320?... Does 270gsm even exist? Whatever.. anyway, the thickness gives the card a more solid touch. Next, it has a modern, elegant style. Am I using the word 'elegant' for the right situation? It's designed with simplicity, which is the trend now; brief information in front and totally blank, black on the other side. Nice.

What makes it more attractive is that the main logo and texts are embossed and coated gloss! This gives the card it's texture and feel. Then, there is this Assassin Creed fella there, which makes it even more cool!.. lol. And also, the card has curved edges, which gives a rounder, more artistic, cuter and friendlier shape... lol. What kind of language am I using?

So, overall, the card is cool! And seems like I've over-exaggerated certain features of the card. Oh ya, the ticket/card costs RM5... which seems appropriate.

And I'm definitely going to the event! Hopefully they have a good sound system this time; at least better sound EQ. The previous concerts did not turn out well, due mainly to the below-average sound system.



Little time left to waste.
I have to learn to express my ideas impromptu, on the spot.
Whether it's speech or written, both are equally important.
There are so many issues going on recently.
I must learn to think quick,
and to be able to express my views on the matters, wisely.
So, here I come.
I will practise it here on this blog.
I will explore.
I will try to post more often, and be more expressive on it.
I will try my best to write quickly, but wise,
because time limits.
People are waiting,
and I do not want to disappoint.
This is good for me.
This is good for others.

What Makes Christanity Different From Other Religions?

I've seen an earlier version of this video. Here is a new version of it; this time in HD and has more powerful illustrations to its message. Credits to philos71.

Go to Youtube to watch the full size high quality version.

Cameron Highlands... again

No, not James Cameron.

Last weekend, me, my coursemates and some other friends (40 of us) took a tour trip to Cameron Highlands. It was supposedly the final trip of our final year, as well as a farewell trip to Zi Min, who's going to Australia for student exchange program. But then, many other trips were organised later on. So, oh well...

The journey ended with mixed feelings, which I'm not gonna talk about it here. Just simply said... worldly people acts worldly, and upsets other worldly people, and the chain continues. Here's a brief video on the trip... I was the one recording the footages, and I made this video =)

ADD: For those who can't watch Youtube, you can watch it on Facebook here.

Basically, we just went around Brinchang and Tringkap area.

January 9, 2010
- Rose Valley, Tringkap
- Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm
- Sungai Palas Boh Tea Estate
- Mardi Agrotechnology Park

January 10, 2010
- Cactus Valley, Brinchang
- Multicrops Central Market
- Raaju's Hill Strawberry Farm Cafe
- Rich Flora Strawberry Centre

Interactive Piano! CoOL!

We have always been watching Youtube videos as... well... just videos, right?
lol.. lame statement.. FAIL.

No, what I mean is... so far, the only ways we respond to Youtube videos are by rating it, favourite, share, subscribe, comment, and such, right?

There are only very, very few instances where we can actually interact WITH the video itself... where we can make the video respond to us right from where we are.. immediately.. by just clicking our mouse at the buttons on the video.

Ever come across any of such videos? Yes? No?

This recent one presented a really brilliant, new interactive way for users to interact WITH the video itself. MysteryGuitarMan came out with this idea of getting us to make him play notes on the guitar by just clicking on the buttons on the video. The buttons are arranged like piano keys and whenever you click any of the piano keys, the video will show him playing that particular note on the guitar. So, you click the piano keys and he will play the melody for you on the spot! No loading of any new videos! Immediately! Cool, ya? The funny thing is, you play the piano keys and guitar sounds come off... haha.

Anyway, the MysteryGuitarMan recommends playing this video in a larger screen size to be more interactive and user-friendly. So, please go to Youtube and play the video there. Don't play it here on my blog. It won't be as fun. Shooohh! And have fun playing the piano/guitar!


God of Wonder

Went to Cameron Highlands the past weekend with coursemates, for our final year trip. Will review about the trip later. Still got other stuffs to settle. Same reason why there hasn't been any post for the past few days.

Anyway, I played guitar for CF last night. When I was given the list of songs for practice, I was not familiar with the song "I See Grace". So, I went to search on Youtube. And guess what I found? It was a 2 year old boy worshiping God with a genuine heart.

Please... Watch and be blessed!

The description to the video says:
One saturday morning 2 year old boy Joshua heard the song "I See Grace" from his bedroom, he stopped playing and from his pure heart starts to sing... watch and be blessed by a 2 year old boy praising and worshiping our living God. Glory and honor to you alone Jesus!
the song "I See Grace" is from New Creation Church Singapore I See Grace Album 2007.
written & composed by Karen Lim

Luke 18:16 But Jesus called the children to him and said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.

Going off topic, here's some random cute stuff.


Pwned! Again??

Church torching? Immediately after hacked website?
I'm still speechless until this moment. So, I'll just be quoting news articles here.

ADD: Those who wish to donate for Metro Tabernacle Church, check out this site.

Latest news as I write this post:
A fourth Klang Valley church, this time in Kampung Subang, was reportedly attacked with Molotov cocktail which failed to explode while police have dismissed reports that cars with Christian symbols having their windscreens smashed in the Bangsar suburb today, hours after arson attacks on three churches. (Source here)

More details from TheStar here.

Twitter responses:

(1)  Umno Youth head Khairy Jamaluddin tweeted "Despicable & cowardly. This is not my Malaysia.", then later on, "Just visited Metro Tabernacle church in Melawati. Am lost for words."

(2)  Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir tweeted "All Muslims shd condemn the torching of the church last nite. It is unIslamic to destroy ANY house of worship.", then, "At the church. I wanna cry. It's heartbreaking!". Wonderfully, she also retweeted this Bible verse: "RT @meeshly: Father forgive them, for they know not what they do (Luke 23:34)".

(3)  Tweet from @fahmi_fadzil: DrDzul: "PAS condemns the attack unequivocally. Statement out on Harakah soon."

(4)  Our dear Prime Minister himself tweeted "I condemn the church bombings. An investigation has been launched and those responsible will be brought to justice."

Other responses:

(5)  Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim described the attacks as heinous and said such actions were against the teachings of Islam.

“Islam teaches its followers to respect the places of worship of other religions. I urge all parties to remain calm. I have full faith that Malaysians will be able to resolve the matter without any conflict”

(6)  Wan Azizah urges Malaysians to unite after church attacks. Read here.

(7)  Pak Lah condemns church attacks. Read here.

(8)  MCA condemns attacks on churches. Read here.

(9)  "Pemuda Barisan Nasional (BN) mengecam sekeras-kerasnya tindakan membakar Gereja Metro Tabernacle di Desa Melawati, Kuala Lumpur tengah malam semalam." Read here.

(10) MPF Statement On Church Torchings: "The cowardly and utterly senseless act of a group of misguided, chauvinistic bigots in torching at least three churches in the Klang Valley this morning must be condemned in no uncertain terms by all peace loving Malaysians."  Read full article here.

(11) Christian Federation Malaysia (CFM) strongly condemns fire-bombing of Churches. Read here.

(12) More politicians responses here.

And I'll end here with two great posts from:
1) Art Harun
2) Marina Mahathir
Please click and read. Thanks.

Myself? I'm still speechless and still learning.


* click for larger view *

Some people are really harder than hard rocks.

For those of you who missed it... The official Malaysian Judiciary website,, was HACKED a few hours ago, if not mistaken, around 9pm. The home page was replaced with what shown above. Take a look for yourself. The page lasted for about 3 hours, till 12.30 midnight.

The "Allah" issue has already been nicely and peacefully discussed and reasoned, yet there will always be people who are outdated.

ADD: Read TheStar news here.

Another Musical Prodigy

WoOT !
Calling all musicians and music lovers!
You gotta love this one!

2 and a half years!
What more? His name is Christian! lol.

Check out his other videos here.


So, regarding the matter on the usage of the word "Allah", I'll just link you to two great views I happened to come upon. Just two opinions and it covers most of what you may ever wanted to argue about, in regards to this issue.

1)  From a Muslim's perspective, our dear Marina Mahathir takes the example of  "Prophet Muhammad’s Promise to Christians" to show how easily people get confused with the word. The article also pointes out how are Muslims to relate with Christians.

Now, when that delegation from St Catherine's monastery came to meet with Prophet Mohamad (pbuh), I suppose it's fair to assume that they spoke Arabic to one another. And when they were conversing, surely the word 'God' must have come up. As in "May God Be With You" and such like. What word did the Prophet (pbuh) use for 'God' I wonder? And what did the St Catherinians use in return? For monotheists like them, was there a 'your God' and 'my God' type of situation, or did they understand that they were both talking about the same One?

While some idiots are mourning over the 'loss' of the word 'Allah' and therefore basically telling the world that they are people easily confused by nomenclature, and others are predicting riots over  what is basically a 'copyright' issue, let me define what I think a confident Muslim should be:

Please read the full article here.

* Commercial break... refresh your eyes *

2)  From a Christian's perspective, Dr Ng Kam Weng discusses the significance of the word "Allah" in Christianity, backed with some doctrinal references. He focuses more on the 'technical' details.

One major demand from the Malay protestors is that Christians stop using the word Allah on grounds that Christians can find a simple alternative, that is, simply substitute the word Allah with the word Tuhan. Unfortunately, this demand only betrays the ignorance of the protestors. I would have thought that any Malay would know that the meaning of the words Allah (God) and Tuhan (Lord, Rabb) are not the same. How can they suggest that Christians simply use the word Tuhan to substitute the word Allah? To express the issue linguistically, Allah and Tuhan have different senses even though they have the same reference.

Both the terms Allah and Tuhan are used in the Malay Bible. Following the precedent set by Arab Christians, Allah is used to translate el/elohim and Tuhan(or TUHAN in caps) is used to translate Yahweh (YHWH). The two words are sometimes paired together as Yahweh-Elohim in 372 places in the Old Testament (14 times in Genesis 2-3; 4 times in Exodus;8 times in Joshua; 7 times in 2 Samuel; 22 times in Chronicles; 12 times in Psalms; 32 times in Isaiah; 16 times in Jeremiah and 210 times in Ezekiel etc.).

More importantly, the word Tuhan is also applied to Jesus Christ in the New Testament. Thus we read of the LORD Jesus as Tuhan Yesus (The word LORD was used to translate the word kurios 8400 times in the Septuagint, the Greek version of the Old Testament. It refers to human beings in only 400 times and refers to God 8000 times. Of these 8000 times, 6700 are substitute for the word YHWH). The transference of the title kurios LORD/YHWH to Jesus Christ is testimony to the belief in the deity of Christ right at the beginning of Christianity.

Please read the full article here.

So, what can I say? In the end, it's all about politics, and people fall for it.

ADD: Another interesting read, from a Sabahan. Please read. It'll widen your mind.

New Year Resolution

Just came back to campus today (Monday), at noon. Skipped the whole of last week, which was the first week of the semester actually. haha. So, literally, I skipped the first week of this new semester. But as expected, half classes were cancelled because of Christmas, new year and whatnot. So, no regrets. lol. Still, why in the world did they schedule the FIRST week of a semester in between Christmas and new year? Even lecturers wont make it to class.. swt.

Anyway, I came back to campus earlier at noontime... and incidentally, unluckily, unfortunately, exactly on this day, there's some water crisis going on at the hostel, at least at my block. There's no water at the drinking water filter, no water for shower and all. There's no water supply at all!.. for 6-7 hours?.. then, water start flowing in again. Anyway, its just a small matter. Never mind.

* Commercial break *

This year is most probably the first year I ever make a resolution in my whole life. Previously, every year is just another year. I had no plans, no resolution. Recently, a few days before Christmas, inspiration came to me to write a worship song. I cannot say whether it's from God, or from my own heart. I wrote the song in 3 days, based on a recent sermon I watched, backed with some scriptures. The words and music seem to come naturally, though I can't say I understand what "naturally" means, since this is my first time composing a song.

The song is titled "You Overcame", based mainly on John 16:33 and Matthew 11:29. The song hasn't been finalised yet, still checking with my mentor. I've already made a sample mp3, but not gonna post it up yet... bear with me...

"...In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." -John 16:33

"Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls." -Matthew 11:29

Here are the words for the song; subject to changes:

You Overcame

I say "Take the burdens away from me"
He says "Come and rest in me"
I say "All is difficult for me"
He says "Take my yoke upon you"
I'm renewed

And I sing to you Lord
Rejoicing in praise
The joy you set in my heart
And I lift up my voice
Lift up my hands
For all the wonders you've done
In the world we have troubles
In the world we have sorrows
But mighty God awesome power
You overcame

I'm filled with your peace
I'm filled with your joy
I walk in the Spirit of life
I'm filled with your power
I'm filled with your strength
I walk in the Spirit of truth

This song led the way to my new year resolution for this year 2010. I now eagerly wait for more songs to come to me. I wish to write around 5 worship songs by the time I graduate middle of this year. Then, adding in a few old songs, I'll compile my first ever album; another album with songs to praise and worship you, Lord! I will target a general congregation, thus, the songs will have words and music that are easy to follow and sing along; suitable for corporate worship... yet contain deep messages, and most of all, biblical.

So, Father God, help me! Help me to help others experience you more, through music and songs! I will wait upon you, Lord. Teach me, guide me, lead me. I commit this my plan into Your hands, O Lord. Let it resonate with Yours!

All glory to You alone, Father!

Blessed New Year yet again!

Random Cuteness

This will be my first time testing out embedding a youtube video on Blogspot.
I was on Wordpress previously.

So, enjoy some cuteness while I add more contents soon.


2010 Blog Revive

Hey y'all !

Testing out a new blog.. again..
3rd blog already.
Hopefully this one stays. Haha.

New blog with new purpose.
Blessed New Year!