Interactive Piano! CoOL!

We have always been watching Youtube videos as... well... just videos, right?
lol.. lame statement.. FAIL.

No, what I mean is... so far, the only ways we respond to Youtube videos are by rating it, favourite, share, subscribe, comment, and such, right?

There are only very, very few instances where we can actually interact WITH the video itself... where we can make the video respond to us right from where we are.. immediately.. by just clicking our mouse at the buttons on the video.

Ever come across any of such videos? Yes? No?

This recent one presented a really brilliant, new interactive way for users to interact WITH the video itself. MysteryGuitarMan came out with this idea of getting us to make him play notes on the guitar by just clicking on the buttons on the video. The buttons are arranged like piano keys and whenever you click any of the piano keys, the video will show him playing that particular note on the guitar. So, you click the piano keys and he will play the melody for you on the spot! No loading of any new videos! Immediately! Cool, ya? The funny thing is, you play the piano keys and guitar sounds come off... haha.

Anyway, the MysteryGuitarMan recommends playing this video in a larger screen size to be more interactive and user-friendly. So, please go to Youtube and play the video there. Don't play it here on my blog. It won't be as fun. Shooohh! And have fun playing the piano/guitar!



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