Just a Card?

Finally, promotion wins!
Litlegras, for its 10th annual concert this time, came up with such an attractive promotion design! It's just a card, actually. I mean, the ticket to the concert is a name card. But the design is really catchy. And I fall for it. lol.

First, it's a thick card... 250gsm I suppose... or 270gsm? 320?... Does 270gsm even exist? Whatever.. anyway, the thickness gives the card a more solid touch. Next, it has a modern, elegant style. Am I using the word 'elegant' for the right situation? It's designed with simplicity, which is the trend now; brief information in front and totally blank, black on the other side. Nice.

What makes it more attractive is that the main logo and texts are embossed and coated gloss! This gives the card it's texture and feel. Then, there is this Assassin Creed fella there, which makes it even more cool!.. lol. And also, the card has curved edges, which gives a rounder, more artistic, cuter and friendlier shape... lol. What kind of language am I using?

So, overall, the card is cool! And seems like I've over-exaggerated certain features of the card. Oh ya, the ticket/card costs RM5... which seems appropriate.

And I'm definitely going to the event! Hopefully they have a good sound system this time; at least better sound EQ. The previous concerts did not turn out well, due mainly to the below-average sound system.



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