New Year Resolution

Just came back to campus today (Monday), at noon. Skipped the whole of last week, which was the first week of the semester actually. haha. So, literally, I skipped the first week of this new semester. But as expected, half classes were cancelled because of Christmas, new year and whatnot. So, no regrets. lol. Still, why in the world did they schedule the FIRST week of a semester in between Christmas and new year? Even lecturers wont make it to class.. swt.

Anyway, I came back to campus earlier at noontime... and incidentally, unluckily, unfortunately, exactly on this day, there's some water crisis going on at the hostel, at least at my block. There's no water at the drinking water filter, no water for shower and all. There's no water supply at all!.. for 6-7 hours?.. then, water start flowing in again. Anyway, its just a small matter. Never mind.

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This year is most probably the first year I ever make a resolution in my whole life. Previously, every year is just another year. I had no plans, no resolution. Recently, a few days before Christmas, inspiration came to me to write a worship song. I cannot say whether it's from God, or from my own heart. I wrote the song in 3 days, based on a recent sermon I watched, backed with some scriptures. The words and music seem to come naturally, though I can't say I understand what "naturally" means, since this is my first time composing a song.

The song is titled "You Overcame", based mainly on John 16:33 and Matthew 11:29. The song hasn't been finalised yet, still checking with my mentor. I've already made a sample mp3, but not gonna post it up yet... bear with me...

"...In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." -John 16:33

"Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls." -Matthew 11:29

Here are the words for the song; subject to changes:

You Overcame

I say "Take the burdens away from me"
He says "Come and rest in me"
I say "All is difficult for me"
He says "Take my yoke upon you"
I'm renewed

And I sing to you Lord
Rejoicing in praise
The joy you set in my heart
And I lift up my voice
Lift up my hands
For all the wonders you've done
In the world we have troubles
In the world we have sorrows
But mighty God awesome power
You overcame

I'm filled with your peace
I'm filled with your joy
I walk in the Spirit of life
I'm filled with your power
I'm filled with your strength
I walk in the Spirit of truth

This song led the way to my new year resolution for this year 2010. I now eagerly wait for more songs to come to me. I wish to write around 5 worship songs by the time I graduate middle of this year. Then, adding in a few old songs, I'll compile my first ever album; another album with songs to praise and worship you, Lord! I will target a general congregation, thus, the songs will have words and music that are easy to follow and sing along; suitable for corporate worship... yet contain deep messages, and most of all, biblical.

So, Father God, help me! Help me to help others experience you more, through music and songs! I will wait upon you, Lord. Teach me, guide me, lead me. I commit this my plan into Your hands, O Lord. Let it resonate with Yours!

All glory to You alone, Father!

Blessed New Year yet again!


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