AHMIR - No Place Like Home

In dedication to Haiti. Be blessed.

Original song by AHMIR

Verse 1: 
My whole world just started spinning, things that used to work for me no longer work
Feels like I'm back at the beginning of a long race
Trapped inside this long face and sometimes it hurts
Life has a way of shaping us and molding us
Breaking then consoling us, I'm just barely holding up
But I know I gotta grow up, I just wish it wasn't so tough
But all in all, there's nothing like the comfort of home.

There's no place like home,
Everything's so new, really takes some getting used to,
There's no place like home,
Feeling so alone, out here on my own,
There's no place like home,
Gotta clear my mind, make it worth my time,
There's no place like home,
But there's so much here for me, I just gotta believe in me.

Verse 2:
Feels like these walls are closing in on me,
I just wanna give up, but that ain't my style,
Know there's a lesson here, but i can't see,
Know there's a better way, a better card to play,
Does anybody out there feel my pain,
Does anybody out there know my name?
Or am i just the invisible one,
Caught up in memories and visuals of home?

I understand there's a reason, for the things I'm going through,
But I must admit it'd be easier, if I knew exactly what to do,
The more I keep on moving forward, keep on moving onward the more I see,
There's no place like home, and though I'm moving on,
I know home will always be in me.

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