Project Fail

Finally I've done a not-so-satisfied-with video recording. haha. It's meant as a farewell dedication for my dear coursemate Zi Min, who will be leaving to Australia for student exchange program; very soon. So, this video was actually done last-minute. The whole videos was produced in about 10 hours. It was done yesterday, the whole thing. I was rushing to record and produce the video, and it took nearly the whole day. So, here's the final outcome. And I'm not actually satisfied with it. lol.

Anyway, to Zi Min, I hope you will enjoy your time there to the fullest, exploring the new place. Take care and keep in contact! We already miss you here.. lol.. even though you haven't left yet.

Ya.. ya.. I'm talking bullshit now. haha.
Anyway, enjoy the video!

I'm still not satisfied. I suck so bad. =.=


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