Save The World?

I know there's now a lot of dispute regarding the Copenhagen Conference, COP15. I'm not gonna talk about that. Ok. I just saw this video, which is actually the COP15 opening film. The main content is about a girl having a nightmare about natural disasters getting more wild and out of control. After watching it, certain thoughts come to mind.

Nature, though without brain, is far smarter than us humans. We better not play around with nature. When nature retaliates, we are sure to lose. In the end, we are destroying ourselves, not the world. The earth will just recycle itself naturally, in time. We humans cannot.

The tagline in the video was "We have the power to save the world". If "the world" means the people, then it's fine. But, if it's talking about the earth, then I'll simply say that we do not need to be concerned about the earth. The earth is fine, and will always be fine. It has all the antibodies it needs to keep itself from harm. And who harming the earth? We are. We are the virus that causes the earth to activate its antibodies.

So, as you see, we are suppose to save ourselves, not the earth. All the natural events and disasters that we see around us are actually how the earth's defense system work. The earth is protecting itself by destroying us, the virus. Then eventually, the earth will restore to it's equilibrium state again... after it destroys all the virus, which is us. See what's happening?

How about the animals? Animals will be fine. They can detect disasters much earlier than us. We use devices, because our human senses are so limited. Animals, on the other hands, detects with their own senses. They can detect even the slightest abnormality in vibration, pressure, temperature, air flow, etc. And they know where to run to, and they act fast. In the end, we humans are the dumb ones. We sense slow, and we move slow. And we still think of saving "the world", whatever that means to you.

I believe it is better that we think of saving ourselves first. The idea is simple. Just don't be a harmful virus to the earth. The earth's antivirus is much stronger than all of us combined. Be a friend to the earth and the earth will be your friend as well. Anger the earth, and the earth will bring its wrath on you. Pollute the earth and the earth will oppose you. Look at the animals. They did no harm to the earth, and the earth responded likewise. Whenever any disaster occurs, do we hear of dead animal bodies? We see dead humans instead. Whenever we hear of dead animals, it's always due to human activities.

The earth will survive. Animals will survive. Plants will survive. Humans? We better think twice. "Save ourselves from the world", not "Save the world".


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