Yay~ one week of commitment =)

It's now exactly one week after the Earth Hour.
And I have kept my commitment till now.

I did not switch on my table light for one week already~!
And in addition, unlike last time...
now I also switch off my laptop and speakers whenever I'm not using it. :)

And the feeling is.. COOL~
It cools down the heart and cools me down physically (less heat generated)... lolx.

Even now.. 1.30am.. the room light is off..
and I still kept my table light OFF... hehe..
The laptop is bright enough to light up the area around it..
And I'm writing this post now..
with lights only from my laptop  :D


And dont worry about damage to the eyes..
It doesnt work that way..
So far so good..
And I will definitely continue this habit~

Save energy... it has to start somewhere..
Why not ourselves?


Blessed Easter!



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