Project 365: #77-83 - FAIL?

#77-Apr7:  Thanks CF for such a grand  farewell for seniors this time :D
Awesome work~! Well done~ 
Thanks for such a wonderful, huge personalized gift xx

#78-Apr8:  Finally the little bridge is nearly finished..
connecting the susur gajah to the upcoming new buildings.

#79-Apr9:  See the little wooden pondok there?
The whole thing came on lorry, and the crane just dragged the structure
to its position. The pondok has already been fully constructed at factory.

#80-Apr10 & #81-Apr11:  Failed. No picture because I didnt bring my camera.
Read the previous post.

#82-Apr12:  Watching Glee whole day. 
Read my review at the previous post.

#83-Apr13:  Caught some friends at Old Town as well..



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