Joy of Blessing

Such a joy to be able to bless others with what we have!  In the end, all comes from God, and all returns to God.  Nothing belongs to us.  So, why not share with others what God has given us?  By sharing the things we have, we are actually sharing God's love.

Today, I've blessed around 8 of my friends, directly and indirectly.
So happy~ ^_^
From my previous post.. yes, the Project 365 post.. from that post, I mentioned two gift packages given to two lovely coursemates. Yep, that's the most joyful moment for the day. Really loved both of them~ xx

Other than that, for two other friends, I've given them gifts indirectly...
another two, I blessed them by doing my responsibilities more than their expectation...
and another two I've spent some quality time with them.

Oh ya, just recalled another blessing~
I've blessed the school as well, by cheerfully giving to the printing service although I didn't use it. :D

So, all in all, really thank God for giving me this opportunity to be a blessing to many friends today.
Thank you, Father, for guiding me and working through me.
Give me more opportunities, Lord, to show Your love to others. Lead me, Lord.

The joy of giving:
I have nothing to lose, because I have nothing in the first place.
How can I lose something that do not belong to me in the first place?



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