Earth Spirit

Earth Hour just passed about 3 days back.

And I've still kept the spirit till now.

I haven't been using my desk lamp since that night till now. Basically, I did not switch on my table light ever since the Earth Hour 3 days ago, except for about two hours last night, to do some serious readings. Apart from that two hours, I've kept the lights off all this while. know what? I find it kinda cool though~ haha.
It cools down the heart... and obviously, cools you physically.

Since most of my readings and studies are done on the laptop screen, I don't actually need the table light anymore. Even when the room light is switched off at night, I do not switch on the desk lamp, simply because the light from the screen is bright enough to light up the small area around it, which for me is sufficient already.

So, yeap.. I'm gonna keep this habit~
Big thanks to the Earth Hour! Yay~

Let's together keep the "earth spirit".

ADD:  And no.. the less light wont spoil my eyes. It doesn't work that way.


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