Project 365: #51-55

#51-Mar12:  It's the day to pass up FYP!
Hanging out at post-grad room.

#52-Mar13:  Battle of the Bands! 1st band setting up. Go Borneo! haha

#53-Mar14:  There're bands from main campus, as well as UiTM
Anyway, 1st place goes to the well-deserved The Echoes!
Then, SkyStalker, Bluetooth, d'Headache, and 6055.
Only 6055 is from my campus.. Sigh..
And BitterSweet was... not to say awesome... but really good!
d'Headache deserves 2nd place, instead of 4th!

Overall, this the first time such event is done in this campus.. evar.
And this Battle of the Bands exposed many hidden talents
within the campus, and brought music in this campus to a higher level.
Hopefully, next year, we will see more talents and improved talents.
Good! Hou!

#54-Mar15:  They installed this machine at Civil School! Cool!

#55-Mar16:  Learning about hazardous wastes
This pic was actually taken the previous day
Its basically the same anyway, for today.

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