Project 365: #45-49 FYP!

#45-Mar06:  See nothing? Yeah, basically there's nothing there.
It's TEJA (Temasya Jaya). and there's some DOTA match
going on in the dark area there... at the cafe.

#46-Mar07: First time I see a whole row... and another whole row
fully filled with clothings

#47-Mar08: Renovation at Civil School!
And it's just along the main corridor
which somehow makes it kinda unpleasing.
I mean the renovation work itself, not the outcome. lol~

#48-Mar09:  I will be there! I must be there!
And I'm gonna record it on video!
Sadly, I'm not involved.. why?
cant commit... fyp fyp.. 

#49-Mar10: FYP FYP! nearly complete.. lilttle more correction on Chapter 4
then thats it! This is it!  Inilah dia! wakaka~
Thick huh?

What is Project 365?  Read here.


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