Project 365: #61-67 - Lifeless yet meaningful

#61-Mar22:  Took this at the wrong time.
See the mosquitoes on the mirror?
There are usually more of them.. a LOT more..
At night.

#62-Mar23:  Jazz is fun! but very diverse.
Still, its fun and interesting~!

#63-Mar24:  Kittehz~!  3 lil ones in the box, with mom guarding.
Surprisingly.. just two floors below my room.

#64-Mar25:  Didn't realise the construction has progressed beautifully~
Those certainly look like white pyramids!.. lolx

#65-Mar26:  Finally I'm watching this certain movie that I was looking for.

#66-Mar27:  Earth Hour 2010~~ Went to Old Town to do work..
ended up doing other stuffs.. lolx.

#67-Mar28:  Worship practice for the coming CF meeting.
AGM + Bible quiz.

What is Project 365?  Read here.



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