There's been a Career Fair recently, and many people went for interview to get a job.
What I would like to say here is...
I don't actually agree with interview system.
I mean the system, not about any particular interview sessions.
Not about the Career Fair.
I'm talking about the idea of interview itself.
I'm not in favor of  this system.

Reasons : ~
(1)  Many times, how people project themselves in an interview is NOT who they really are.  When the real job comes, they dont ACT like what they SAY in the interview.  Their talk doesn't corresponds to their real attitude.  In an interview, people will look nice, act nice, talk nice.  Then, in their job later.. how?

 Interview gives time for people to prepare earlier, which usually does NOT happen in the working world.  In the working world later, we will have to do things on the spot, learning on the spot.  Also, interview gives time for people to fake themselves.

 Interview tests knowledge, theory, and critical thinking.  But it does NOT test the practical ability and the attitude of the person.

I would prefer one of these alternatives:
(1)  Testimonial/recommendation approach - where testimonials or recommendations are prepared by related lecturers, and sent to the company.  And the testimonial MUST be detailed.  Having had to write a DETAILED testimonial, the lecturer will NOT simply waste their time to recommend unreliable students.

(2)  Spy approach?
- i dono how to name this... haha.  If a company wants a reliable employee, the company must be willing to sacrifice some time and resource to look for the good ones.  In this spy approach, the company will send spy to their targeted universities, to OBSERVE the performance of the students there.  This will take some time sacrifice, but the company will be able to really see the TRUE performance of the students while they are still studying.

Anywayz.. it's just some thoughts.
What do you think?

Cheerz  =)


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