I've been getting questions on why I don't get a job related to civil engineering.

Firstly, remember our old friends Socrates, Plato, Aristotle? The ones we learnt last time in our Sejarah. Remember them? Ok...  Aristotle majors in  physics, metaphysics, poetry, theater, music, logic, rhetoric, politics, government, ethics, biology, and zoology.

My point? Life is about learning. And I came to learn.

Secondly, I'll give an analogy. Let's say you got some time and interest to learn basketball. So, you asked some friends to teach you to play basketball.  Then, after some time of training and practicing, you gained some good skills in basketball.

Does that mean you have to work as a professional basketball player after that?

The skill that you obtained will be used when you play basketball.  Same goes to engineering.  I came to learn civil engineering. And I've learnt a lot.  Does that mean I have to work as an engineer?

"But you spent so much time and money to learn wor.."  Yes, of course. So, I'll work to pay back what I've spent. But still, that doesn't mean that I need to work as an engineer. As for the time spent, it's never a waste, simply because I learnt, and I appreciate what I learnt all 4 years.

So again, life is about learning and giving. Whatever I learnt, I keep it and use it whenever it is needed.  I came to learn on civil engineering.  Then, the knowledge and skills I get, I kept it within me.  It becomes part of my nature, part of myself. Similar to the basketball skills we learnt.

Whenever we play basketball, we use our basketball skills.  And whenever we face civil engineering situations in our life, we use our civil engineering knowledge to help out.  I don't need to be engineer to contribute to the society.

"What about the pay?"
So, working is for money la?

Ok. Let me give my views. Many people, almost everyone, when they look for job, the first thing they'll ask is how much the company pays you?...

What has the world turned into? For me, if I were to find a job, I'll want to know what interesting projects that I can help out with? Or how I can serve them with what I have.

The pay wont be much of a concern.

If I work, I work to help people, not to get money for myself.

So... looking for jobs that pay high?
Think about this:
Do we even deserve such pay?
What's your motive of working?
For yourself?

Have we been brainwashed into kiasu-ness?


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