Facebook and the New Interface

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On the technical side... yeah.. there's still some temporary problems with the new system like with the Twitter feeds and so on... They are on the way fixing it.

On the interface itself... many people says it sucks, actually because they are not used to it yet. Same case for me. All this is also new to me. But let's really look at it and compare with the previous. The arrangements are made more systematic and convenient. The most common activities we do on Facebook are now easily available at the left sidebar... all of them; News feed, photos, videos, messages, and most of all.. our most often played games... All available at the sidebar. Then, the notifications are now located at the top, as a drop-down. 

This arrangement is more tidy in the sense that, we no longer need to look at bottom left of the screen for the games, then run our eyes to the bottom right for the notifications, then run our eyes all the way to the top left for the messages, then top right to logout. Get what I mean? The previous design requires us to run our eyes everywhere to fully use Facebook. Now, we just need to focus on the top half of the screen, which is more natural to the eyes, because our eyes by nature is more comfortable looking straight than looking down. By looking straight we will see the top part of the screen.

And yeap, another systematic feature is that the things we do most often are now grouped together for better convenience. Cool.

So, the new design is indeed much simplified, systematic, and tidier. Great work, developers! Give us some time and we'll get used to it.

ADD::: SURPRISING news for my environmentalist friends. Just found out that Facebook is powered by coal plants, the number 1 cause of climate change.



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