Just Woww!

Before I share my story, please read this recent experience from a great man of God, Jaeson Ma.

You just never know what might happen everyday when you put yourself out there to love somebody. I had a long day and decided to cancel my last meeting of the night because I was seriously too physically exhausted. Before I went home though, I prayed to God, please let me help someone today the way You would help them. I didn’t know where to go, but I needed to go get a screw for my car’s license plate so I pulled up at a hardware store parking lot. Right when I came out of my car a man walks up to me and says, “Sir, I’m sorry to ask this but would you be generous enough to get me a hamburger and a drink? I said, “I would be happy to!”

He seemed very sheepish. His name was Billy. I could tell he was not your normal pan handler so I got to know him more. He told me had been out of work for 4 months, by trade he was a mason, but times were hard and he didn’t have enough money to eat that night. When we got to the counter of Mc Donald’s I asked him to order whatever he wanted. He ordered a #1 Big Mac meal. I told him to order more, to get anything he would like, but he simply said that would be enough. So I at least super sized the meal for him. I ended up getting my order and sat down and had a “happy meal” together haha.

Read the rest of the story here.

So, my part now. It's just a short one though...

Interestingly, I read this article yesterday... And this testimony of Jaeson touched me so much; it inspired me to do the same as well.. So, last night I asked God the same thing. I prayed to God, please let me help someone tomorrow, the way You would help them. And the next morning, which is this morning, I asked God again. I prayed to God, please let me help someone today, the way You would help them. I didn't know how this would work, but I just trusted God...

And guess what? Out of expectation, around noon time, I found myself helping out a coursemate with her final year project (FYP)..!  Sounds typical?  Nope. This one is different:
(1)  I do not know anything about what her project is all about.
(2)  I was not helping her to get the outcome; I taught her how to do it. (not to give someone a fish, but to teach the person how to fish)
(3)  The thing I taught, I learnt as well... God taught me on the spot.. I myself never done it before.. ever.
(4)  This happened at a weird, unexpected time. It was 10mins before 2pm class starts.

In detail.. I helped her do some macro-ing on MS Excel 2007, which myself never done it before, ever! Seriously!  I tried on the spot, and God just made it work.!  It's such a joy to bless others with what we have and sometimes even with what we do not have.  In this particular case, I've blessed someone with something I DON'T even have.  I self-learnt on the spot and I helped..!

Jesus, You are just plain awesome!  I asked and You granted!
Thank you, Lord, for bringing me to pastor Jaeson's website in the first place!

So, Wow! I tried what pastor Jaeson did, and it worked !
God works.. again.. always..


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