Mafia Night

Project 365 #17-Feb6: Civil Night - The Feud

Just some short reviews:

Everything else was great except:

1) Overall coordination of event is very bad.
    Timing, delays, synchronization, movements, etc.
2) Hall lighting bad.
    (a) Stage has too little light during performance.
    (b) Cant dim light when preparing for sketch, etc.
          Can still see people running here n there.
3) Computer technicals bad. 
     (a) Projector location inappropriate.
     (b) Desktop, media player, and other transition activities
           shouldn't be shown on screen.
4) Presentation slides was plain and not catchy enough.
5) Priority was not given to seniors.
    (a) Buffet food should let the 4th year take first.
    (b) Even throughout the event, 4th year were not given better treatments.
6) Contests are still SMS-based. Lack creativity.
7) Where's the farewell session for 4th year? Just pictures?
8) Costume design & theme effects was not clear.
9) Hospitality?
10) Half of the audience went missing halfway through the night.
       Why? Think about that.

Overall, choice of venue is unsatisfactory.

Dark Revelation is still the best civil night yet.
Even the food was just ok-ok only

Too much budget for the food and venue i guess?
Anyway, thanks to the 2nd years for trying their best!

Don't know what is Project 365? Read here.


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