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She shared a stage with Michael Jackson in This Is It, but there's another thing that solo guitarist Orianthi has in common with the late King of Pop: a love for animals.

"I love all animals. I'm such an animal lover," Orianthi, who has a hit with the song "According to You," tells PEOPLE. "I've had pigeons, doves, mice. I had a cat, dogs. I have an aquarium full of fish, and some Mexican walking fish."

The musician, 25, who began playing guitar when she was just 6, grew up surrounded by animals, including rabbits. "Everyone thinks I came from a farm, but it was just a lot of land near the city," says the Australian artist.

Sometimes her animal friends even ruffled feathers in her neighborhood. "I had two roosters at one point and that was pretty noisy. Our neighbors didn't like us very much," she recalls. "They would crow at the same time. That's why we had them in soundproof kennels."

Living in Los Angeles since 2006, when she got a recording deal with Geffen records, the single singer has settled into life on the West Coast — but she admits a few things are missing.

"I miss my family most, and my animals. My dad and mum and sister and friends," she says. "I also have my ducks. I have seven ducks. There's Piddles, Tootsie, Broken — he's called broken because he was born with a broken wing -- and White Duck, I haven't really named him, we call him Whitey."




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