Project 365: #28-29 Impromptu

#28-Feb17: Went back to visit the Tesco I've been working on for my internship.
Then, later on, went to watch True Legend at Village Mall.

While I was doing my internship there, this Tesco Sg Petani Selatan was about 60% to completion. That was around June last year. I was a trainee civil engineer/supervisor there. Now, it's up and running; very well designed and constructed! Actually, it was already launched before Hari Raya last year, some time around October. It's just that this is my first time visiting the completed structure since internship.

#29-Feb18: Noodle Station at Sunway Carnival Mall.
Later on, watched Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief

Short reviews:

True Legend: Seems to me like just another kung fu movie. Nice acting, nice actions & moves. Nice effects & graphics. The storyline is predictable and typical; the regular revenge plot. But, the weird part is, the movie is divided into two parts which are somewhat not so related. There's Jay Chou and Michelle Yeoh in the movie, but they're just side characters, appearing only in a few parts of the movie. Overall, just another kung fu movie. Nothing disappointing, yet nothing new/catchy.

Percy Jackson: Somewhat like Harry Potter movies. Interesting storyline. Cool effects & actions. Realistic graphics and animations. Well blend-in humors. But, twisted Greek mythology. Overall, worth watching. Satisfied! Cool~



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