Human Nature

I just read the recent post of two blogs on my sidebar.

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Again, please read the two posts above first before continuing... thanks.

Incidentally... even though those two posts are talking about different events, the idea I get is the same.  By the nature of human, we always get mixed up between justice and compassion.  We get our mind mixed up with our heart.  The mind says justice, the heart says compassion.  Then, both clashes can causes confusion within us.

But you know what?  What Jesus did on the cross was 100% compassion & 100% justice.  It's FULLY compassion and FULLY justice at the same time.  Unthinkable? Think about it.  God is the chief judge.  All of us are guilty of our sins.  No one escapes that.  So, to be 100% justice, all of us deserve full punishment from God. But, with 100% compassion, God the father sent His son Jesus to take ALL of our sins upon himself, and therefore receive ALL the punishment upon himself, alone.  Imagine.. All the wrong that we did, and we should receive the punishment.  But, Jesus came and took our place of the punishments, instead of us.

So, in the end, 100% justice was done, because ALL the sins of EVERYONE was punished.  Yet, it is 100% compassion, because Jesus took the punishment for us, and spared all of us.  How amazing was that?!

Another way to understand is through this famous story from Josh McDowell's book:
A young woman was stopped for speeding. The police officer ticketed her and took her before the judge. The judge read off the citation and asked, "Guilty or not guilty?" The woman replied, "Guilty." The judge brought down the gavel and fined her on hundred dollars or ten days in jail. Then he did an amazing thing. He stood up, he took off his robe, stepped down from the bench, took out his billfold, and paid the young woman's fine. Why? The judge was her father. He loved his daughter, yet he was a just judge. She had broken the law, and he couldn't simply say to her, "Because I love you so much, I forgive you. You may go scot-free." Had he done such a thing, he would not have been a righteous judge. He would not have upheld the law. But because of his love for his daughter, he was willing to take off his judicial robe, step down to her position, assume his relationship as her father, and pay the fine.

So, relating to what's going on recently, what I can say is.. Jesus is the answer.  We need to have the mind of Christ.  Human by nature is full of flaws and inner confusions.  And guess what? The master of confusion is Satan himself.  Sigh.  So, what else can I say?  Have the mind of Christ and God will guide and discipline us to do the right things and do the things right.  He will take control of our minds and hearts.


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