Spiritual Gift Test

I just took this newly added, Spiritual Gift Test by New Life Church.
And here's my result:

Your Top Five

There is a "sweet spot" of ministry that God has designed for each of us. Often, your top 5 highest scored gifts can give a clue to what your area of ministry can be. Below you will see the top 5 spiritual gifts based on the answers you provided. This will be a help to you as you serve to use more of what God's given to you. It can also be helpful for you to look in the right direction of how you should serve.

Helps: You love to help others, nothing is too much to ask, and others seek you out when they face a practical need.

Mercy: You feel the needs of others and you do what you can to help them.

Discernment: You have a sense of what is motivating a person, and can discern whether that is from God or not.

Faith: You believe God will do it before anyone does and long after others have given up, you believe until it happens!

Wisdom: You know just the right thing to say at just the right time that helps others hear God.

Spiritual Gift | Score
Faith  10
Mercy  11
Healing  9
Gift of Tongues  5
Interpretation of Tongues  3
Leadership  7
Pastor  8
Discernment  11
Knowledge  7
Wisdom  10
Encouragement  10
Helps  12
Hospitality  6
Giving  10
Administration  10
Teaching  10
Evangelism  10
Prophecy  8

How's yours? Take the test here! and be blessed!


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