Project 365: #32 Blackout

#32-Feb21: Blackout at home around 10.00pm. A few rows of houses and shophouses were affected, but not the whole taman. That time, I was having dinner. haha.. dinner at 10pm.. woops.. It was so hot at home, so, me and my bro decided to go out for movie.. lol.. So, we went for the first time to the newly opened BIG Cinema at the newly opened Kulim Landmark Central mall in town.. the first ever mall in Kulim. That was around 11.30pm and there're only 3 movies available.. so, we chose 14 Blades... lol.. 

And guess what? other than the two of us, there's only another two persons watching the movie at that time, 11.50pm.. Can you imagine that? Only FOUR persons in the whole cinema hall?! Haha! Simply because we chose a weird movie at a weird time. Then, near the end of the movie, the Malay couple left earlier, leaving only the two of us in the whole hall... such cool experience! But we were freezing because there's not enough people generating heat (absorbing air-cond). lol... So, then we went home.

Dad said electricity came back around 12.45am.. So, how long they took to fix it? Anyway, 14 Blades for me seems nicer than True Legend. There are some cool weapons, nice actions, and they blended-in some other cultures as well, which makes the movie less dull.. And the story is not as typical and predictable. Good.

As for pic #30 & 31 for Project 365, I'll just refer back to #18.. nothing much other than doin FYP.


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